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Other Products

Muffle Rings

Muffle Rings are available in different heights for all type & sizes of Crucibles. Order should be placed mentioning the size of Crucible and height needed. Muffle Rings increase fuel efficiency by providing additional space for the heating charge.

Ingate Sleeves

Clay Graphite Ingate Sleeves manufactured by Zircar Refractories has got approval by Rail Wheel Factory, Bangalore, India. Clay Graphite Tubes of different shapes can also be made on request.

Clay Graphite Stoppers

Clay Graphite Stoppers are manufactured and supplied to Rail Wheel Factory, Bangalore (Indian Railways) since the early stage of the operation of Plant. Each and every Rail Wheel Manufacturing needs one piece of stopper which was earlier imported. Development of this product resulted in saving of Crores of Foreign Exchange. Stoppers of other shapes can also be made on customer's request. We are amongst very few manufacturers to supply Stoppers in India Market. We have supplied lacs of pieces to Indian Railways.

Brazing Pan

Brazing Pan is a holding container of Molten Brass made up of Clay Graphite or Carbon Bonded Silicon Carbide generally used to fulfill the purpose of brazing the joints of cycle frame. By doing brazing bicycle becomes lighter and stronger as compared to other method of making bicycle.

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