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We, at Zircar, deeply believe that each application / customer has its own & specific need. This calls for innovation in design, understanding the specific need of each client, capability to translate all this into reality through Process System Engineering.

Since inception, these aspects are our way of life at Zircar. No aspect of a plant is too minor to be ignored. System controlled production process ensures the quality and desired perfections in the product. Raw Materials and production processes are designed to achieve the best of above and fine tuned specifically for specific applications.

Best quality Raw materials like Silicon Carbide, Natural Flaky Graphite, Ferro Silicon, Silicon Metal, Resin, Coaltar Pitch, Clay, Borax, Boric Acid, High Temperature Frits etc. are from selected local sources as well as imported to achieve high standard set by the company.

Special Crucibles can be made to meet any demands of any kind. Our strength lies in quality upgradation through Customer’s participation.

Standard & Precision

Zircar is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and thus it has a profound-precise system and professional methodologies working behind its every quality product.

Testing, Analysis & Development

Zircar has established a full fledged laboratory for Testing, Analysis and Development. Our Commitment towards this is reflected in establishing our Laboratory before commissioning of our Plant.

Assurance & Quality

Assurance of good quality starts from selection of Raw materials, Consumables and other inputs. The work procedures are checked, inspected and followed up closely to ensure an exact Quality Product.

Since Crucibles are required to meet ever increasing demand of foundrymen, they have to satisfy the following properties:

  • High Hot and cold physical strength
  • Excellent Thermal Conductivity
  • High Thermal Shock Resistance
  • Low Co-efficient of Thermal Expansion
  • High Oxidation Resistance
  • High Resistance to metal and fluxes
  • Non-wettable to metals
  • High refractoriness
  • High Slag Resistance.

Wide range of Crucibles:

Since every metal/alloy needs special melting conditions, Zircar is having different quality of crucibles for each and every application on the basis of following:

Sr.No. Metal Fuel
1 Copper / Brass Oil / Gas / Coke
2 Aluminum Oil / Gas / Elec. / Coke
3 Cast Iron Oil / Gas / Coke
4 Gold / Silver Oil / Gas / Elec.
5 Zinc Oxide Oil / Gas

Each and every crucible is suitably glazed to protect the body from oxidation. Glaze is in situ and superficial on the body.

Extra light glaze is applied for Electric furnace melting of Aluminum since oxidation is normally very high at this temperature range.

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